Home and Away Pet Services

"Providing care when you can't be there"

• Dog Walking

I can collect your dog from your home and I offer a range of different walks to suit your dog’s individual needs. Some dogs need walked individually and some dogs love to socialise with pack walking. I only ever walk small groups of dogs at one time. We can discuss how you think your dog would like to be walked at an initial consultation, just to make sure that your dog and I get on. There are a few walks to choose from ranging from 15 minutes around the block, 30 minutes local walk, or a good run at the park. All dogs must be vaccinated prior to being walked, I also like to keep vet details just in case I ever need them and you are not around. Please see below for pricing.

30 minutes - £8.00 + £3/additional dog from same home
60 minutes - £12.00 + £3/additional dog from same home

Bank Holiday – prices available on request.

SPECIAL OFFER – Working week discount – 4 consecutive pre-booked walks = 1 free in the same week, free walk can’t be carried into the next week.

If your dog needs an individual walk longer than 15 minutes, prices can be discussed on an individual basis.

All 30 minute and 60 minute walks will be in between 11:00 and 14.30 and your dog may be away for up to one and a half hours, due to transport time, however, I will always aim to keep these times to a minimum.

If your dog gets wet, I will always give them a towel dry before allowing them back into the house, they will always have fresh water put down and dinner if requested. I can keep a diary if you would like, just to keep you up to speed with where we have been etc.

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Dog Grooming

In our new purpose made salon at home, we can not only make your dog look and smell fabulous, we pride ourselves in making them feel at ease too.  Collection and return of your pampered pooch is included in the price of any full groom. Please click here for more information and prices.

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Home Pet Visits/Puppy visits

I can arrange to call by your house, if you are going to be out longer than normal, or if you have a young pup, that can’t hold its bladder for very long. The aim of these visits are normally to let your pet out to go to the toilet, clean up any mess they may have made or I can feed them if required or give them prescribed medication. I will have a play with them and try to stimulate them a little bit. I could also empty cat litter if required, just leave me a note.

If you are planning on leaving your pet at home while you are away on holiday, obviously only if it is safe to do so, as well as feeding and taking care of your pet, I could also pick up mail, put out/bring in your bins, water plants and any other small tasks that you may have in mind, this contact, could be good for security too.

20 minute visit - £7.00
Subsequent visits to same address on the same day - £5.00

Bank Holiday prices available on request.

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• Home from Home Dog Sitting/Small Animal Boarding

Unfortunately, this service is no longer available. Sorry for any inconvenience that this causes.

• Pet Taxi

I can ferry your pet to and from various places, whether it be pet grooming, to family members, the vet or just to get you from a to b. I choose to transport your pet in an MPV, as I am guessing that they are not used to being put in the back of a dark van!

Pet taxi is charged at £15/hour or incomplete hour + 45 pence per mile outside of the radius on the map, round trip.

Sorry, I am not insured to carry a passenger on the pet taxi service.

See Area's we cover for map.

Bank holiday prices available on request.