Home and Away Pet Services

Home Pet Visits/Puppy visits

Work takes over all of our lives at some point and we can't always put our pets need first, even though we try, that is where our home visits can be very useful.  Whether you get tied up at work, or can't leave your desk at home, we can see to your pets needs.  If you are going to be out longer than normal, I can arrange to call by your house, or if you have a young pup, that can’t hold its bladder for very long, this service is perfect. The aim of these visits is to let your pet go out to the toilet, clean up any mess they may have made or feed them if required. I will have a play with them and try to stimulate them a little bit. I will also empty and clean cat litter if required.

If you are planning on leaving your pet at home while you are away on holiday, obviously only if it is safe to do so, as well as feeding and taking care of your pet, I could also pick up mail, put out/bring in your bins, water plants and any other small tasks that you may have in mind, this contact, could be good for security too.  If you are going to be away for longer than five days, I will even put some complimentry milk in the fridge and get you a loaf for day you are going to return. Please note, this is not a live in service - it will consist of visits throughout the day to be agreed prior.

20 minute visit - £7.00
Subsequent visits to same address on the same day - £5.00

Bank Holiday/Weekend prices available on request.

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